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USB to PS2 adaptor - no tail
PS2 To USB Adapter No Tail
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A truly small and compact Bluetooth™ Wireless USB adapter for
Phone, PDA, Notebook and the rest of your digital life.
The new Dynamode BT-USB-M2 breaks the unadventurous design of
competing Bluetooth™ adapters by offering most of the host electron ics within
the confines of the actual USB connector! Result – a Bluetooth™ adapter
which can be left permanently plugged into a Notebook’s USB Port, while in its
Notebook bag, or moving from office to office without fear of the device
becoming un plugged or damaged.
USB Bluetooth Dongle
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A uk plug with a usb connection,many of todays items come with just a usb input cable for a computer recharge,now just plug your cable into this and plug into a socket and away you go.
USB UK Mains Plug Black 2AMP
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Dynamode USB 2.0 4 Port Active Hub
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Need to be connected on the move?

The Dynamode USB-NIC-1427-100 is a fully featured USB based 10/100 Ethernet network adapter.

Featuring a slimline design with complete Bus power form maximum portability together with full Plug n Play convienen ce. 10Mbps and 100Mbps speeds are autsensed together with Full and Half Duplex flow control for maximum data throughput
USB To RJ45 Network Adaptor
  • Part Number - USB-NIC-1427-100
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This 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub connects to one USB 2.0 port on a Mac or PC computer, adding four USB 2.0 ports - allowing you to maximize the number of high speed USB peripherals connected to your computer. The hub supports cascaded installation with other  USB 2.0 hubs, supporting up to 127 USB 2.0 device connections - a scalable solution for connecting multiple USB devices to a single host computer.
7 Port USB2 Mains Powered Hub
  • Part Number - USB-H70-1A-2.0
1 In Stock
USB to parallel adaptor

Connect your parallel printer through USB. The USB Parallel Printer Adapter is as easy to install as a parallel cable. Simply connect it into your printer, and then plug it into your PC's USB port or USB hub. The adapter wo rks with most standard parallel or IEEE 1284 printers.
USB To Parallel Adapter
  • Part Number - USB-C-PP-1284
11 In Stock
TP-Link Archer T2U AC600
14 In Stock
Trendnet 4 Port USB KVM Inc Cables 

Control up to 4 computers / servers with one set of console devices
•USB keyboard / mouse emulation with 4 sets of detachable KVM cables
•Compliant with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
•High video quality, up to 2 048 x 1536 VGA resolution
•Auto-Scan and LED display for computer monitoring
•Keyboard status restored when switching between computers
•Computer selection by front panel push buttons, keyboard hot key commands or Windows-based client switching so ftware*
•User definable hot key (Windows only)
•Plug & Play and hot-pluggable
•USB interface power method
Trendnet 4 Port USB KVMInc Cables TK-407K
  • Part Number - TK-407K
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Displaying: 9 product(s)